Automotive Aftermarket Adhesives

The automotive aftermarket is the secondary market for the automotive manufacturers that takes up a huge proportion of parts replacement and accessories for repairs and retrofitting. Be it a loosened bolt or replacing of shattered automotive windscreen, Mightyloc ™ range of products are well poised to provide bonding and sealing solutions in this segment of the industry. Our adhesives products are used in the area of automotive windscreens mounting, emblems placement, electronics parts fitting, sideview mirror mounting, body car kit mounting, bonding weather strips and instrument panels installation.

Typical Applications of Automotive Adhesives:

Taftlock™ - Anaerobic Adhesive & Sealant

  • Tightening of bolts and nuts in automotive engine and gear box.
  • Locking and sealing of brackets and valves.
  • Locking of fasteners and nuts within the interior of the automotive compartment

AFT™ – Acrylic Foam Tape

  • Bonding of automotive emblems
  • Mounting of car body kits system
  • Bumper mounting
  • Weather strip bonding

Taftflex™ – Polyurethane & MS Polymer Sealant & Primer

  • Bonding of automotive, bus and truck windscreen
  • Sealing and bonding of bus windows
  • Bonding of metal stiffeners to bus and truck panels
  • Bus and truck body edge sealing
  • Carbon fiberglass automotive body kit mounting and bonding

Ninja 108 – Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

  • Rubber strip bonding
  • Bonding of car accessories
  • Bonding of electronic components to control panel.