DIY & Household Adhesives and Sealants

The DIY and Household markets have endless demands for fast and strong adhesives & sealants to repair anything from mending shoe sole to leaking waterpipes. The demand for the DIY adhesive and sealant within the consumer market is increasing due to better performance of the bonding materials and the high cost of engaging professional service providers to fix simple household tasks. The Mightyloc™ range of adhesives & sealants have all these characteristics and properties of fulfilling these expectations from the DIY market due to its ease of usage, versatility to apply across a spectrum of household fixtures and durable bonding integrity. Our range of adhesives, sealants and double-sided tapes are well sought after for its performance, ease of use and competitively priced items.

Typical Adhesive Applications for DIY & Household:

AFT™ – Acrylic Foam Tape

  • Mounting of wall hooks
  • Bonding of decorative items to tiles and concrete
  • Bonding of lightweight displace racks
  • Mounting of picture frame

Taftlock™ – Anaerobic Adhesive and Sealant

  • Lock screw on spectacle frame
  • Secure screw on movable parts like cabinet doors and drawers
  • Permanently lock screws on chairs

Taftflex™ – Polyurethane & MS Polymer Sealant & Primer

  • Sealing of bathtub and washing basin
  • Sealing of cracked wall and tiles
  • Bonding of decorative display to wall
  • Bonding and sealing of glass panels

Ninja 108 – Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

  • Fixing of broken porcelain items
  • Bonding of jewellery and accessories
  • Fixing of modelling airplane and hobby handicraft
  • Bonding of shoe sole

Krystal™ UV – UV Light Cure Adhesive

  • Repair of chipped off glass surface
  • Bonding of decorative glass item
  • Bonding of handle to glass door