Marine Adhesive Sealant / Yacht Adhesives

Glass Sealant | Fiberglass Sealer | Metal Adhesive | Plastic Sealant

Marine and Yacht industry has an ever-increasing demand for bonding and sealing requirements that are used for the assembly and maintenance of ships and luxury yachts. Importantly, the ability of our adhesives and sealants take away some of the fatigue and stress load normally associated with welding and fastening. In addition, with the range of adhesives, sealants and acrylic adhesives, it effectively provides good structural bonding and sealing application that will remove away any stress load and ability to withstand harsh environment condition. Taftflex™ Polyurethane sealant is designed to resist the most severe weather conditions, it has the required toughness and robustness needed to be applied in the marine industry for below and above the water line applications. Furthermore, our other adhesives that are used by this industry include thread lockers, 2 part epoxy, methacrylate adhesive, MS polymer adhesive and acrylic foam tapes.

Typical Applications of Marine Adhesives:

Taftflex™ – Polyurethane, MS Polymer Sealant & Primer

  • Joining Decks to Hull
  • Wood to Fiberglass bonding and sealing
  • Sealing Hull seams
  • Sealing of Glass Panel

Taftgrip™ – MS Polymer Adhesive

  • Bonding of Fiberglass to Wood
  • Sealing and bonding of Glass Panels
  • Bonding of wood frame to concrete

Taftlock™ – Anaerobic Adhesive

  • Locking and securing of fasteners and screws

Ninja 108™ – Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

  • Rubber gasket bonding
  • Bonding of plastic parts to metals

Mightyloc 9025™ – Methacrylate Adhesive

  • Bonding of metal stiffeners to metal panels.
  • Bonding of metals studs
  • Bonding of fiberglass to metals