Signage Adhesive and Bonding Glue

Adhesives and sealants to fix lettering, bonding transparent acrylic, sealing light boxes and metal parts bonding

This is one industry that will consume a variety of adhesives and sealants to fix letterings, bonding transparent acrylic, sealing light boxes and metal parts bonding. Our range of adhesives and sealants offer the most versatile form of securing all the signage parts and components that will withstand the most severe weather conditions. With adhesives and sealants, it makes mounting and bonding of signage easier and aesthetically appealing. Over the years, Mightyloc™ range of adhesive and sealant products have been used by the signage companies for its versatility and bonding integrity.

Typical Applications of Signage Adhesives:

Taftflex™ – Polyurethane, MS Polymer Sealant & Primer

  • Bonding and sealing of acrylic components
  • Sealing of signage box
  • Bonding of metal letterings

Taftgrip™ – MS Polymer Adhesive

  • Sealing and bonding of Glass Panels
  • Bonding of different letterings to concrete

Taftlock™ – Anaerobic Adhesive

  • Locking and securing of fasteners and screws

Ninja 108™ – Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

  • Bonding of plastic parts to metals
  • Quick bonding of acrylic substrates

Mightyloc 9025™ – Methacrylate Adhesive

  • Bonding of metals parts to plastic substrates
  • Bonding of metals studs
  • Bonding of fiberglass to metals