Bonding Adhesives for Metal Fabrication Industry

Bonding sealants for escalator, lift doors, wall cladding, panel lamination, truck and lorry

The metal industry has diverse application requirements ranging from assembling escalator, fire and lift doors, wall claddings, panel laminations, truck and lorry canopy frame. All these assemblies will require to use a variety of structural adhesives and sealants that will supersede the conventional rivets, tack weld and bolts & nuts. With Mightyloc™ range of adhesives and sealants, the bonding stress will be equally distributed and will not cause any corrosion resulting from the application. These range of adhesives and sealants are preferred by metal fabricators due to its versatility and excellent bonding strength.

Typical Applications of Metal Fabrication Industry Adhesives:

Taftflex™ – Polyurethane, MS Polymer Sealant & Primer

  • Bonding and sealing of metal stiffeners to door panels
  • Edge and joint sealing
  • Glass panel bonding and sealing

Taftgrip™ – MS Polymer Adhesive

  • Bonding of Fiberglass to Wood
  • Sealing and bonding of Glass Panels
  • Bonding of wood frame to concrete

Taftlock™ – Anaerobic Adhesive

  • Locking and securing of fasteners and screws

Ninja 108™ – Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

  • Rubber gasket bonding
  • Bonding of plastic parts to metals

Mightyloc 9025™ – Methacrylate Adhesive

  • Bonding of metal stiffeners to metal panels.
  • Bonding of metals studs
  • Bonding of fiberglass to metals